About Us

At Greyrock Technology, we focus on providing solutions that integrate naturally into their application environments. We pay close attention to the desired end-user experience and take a comprehensive view of development. Besides pursuing the requirements of design, we keep in mind the needs of product manufacturing, testability and quality assurance. Our history of taking complex products through all phases of development, including production, is a benefit for our customers.


Our experiences and specialties include:

  • Analog circuit design,
  • High-speed transceiver design for computing, communications and consumer applications.
  • Interface design for high-speed memory.
  • Power management, clock distribution and System supervision.
  • Precision motor and servo control.
  • Data conversion and signal processing.
  • Design for low power, noise isolation, small die area, reliability
  • Extensive mixed-signal SOC ASIC and ASSP design, production and marketing.
  • Major foundry relationships and experience, from models through production.
  • Complete characterization and manufacturing test development.
  • Circuit board and system design, prototyping and cost-reduction.