The Company

Greyrock Technology was formed in 2003 and is privately held. Greyrock is dedicated to providing efficient and effective solutions to the semiconductor and electronics industry. The founders of Greyrock Technology posesses years of experience in developing products utilizing a process-oriented approach to ensure your products' success.



Don Bartlett - President

Don is an 20-year veteran of Burr Brown, NCR Microelectronics, Symbios Logic, LSI Logic, SiLutia, and AMCC. Don's analog design and system expertise are widely known in the semiconductor industry. Don lead NCR Microelectronics and Symbios Logic to worldwide leadership in Mixed-Signal ASIC design and revenue. He co-founded SiLutia in 1999 to focus on high-speed transceiver design, leading the design of the industry's first 130nm CMOS 3.125 Gbps SerDes, still the lowest power design on the market. SiLutia was acquired by AMCC in 2000.

Don has a BSEE degree from Iowa State University and has 25 patents issued or pending.