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OSC0236LP: 2-36MHz programmable, low-power crystal oscillator core

  • TSMC180nm, other processes and foundries as needed
  • 70u in-line pitch, 40u staggered pitch
  • 3.3/2.5 I/O Vdd, 1.8/1.2V Core Vdd
  • Low power operation through controlled crystal power and contorlled on-chip amplitude
  • Low noise operation
  • Excellent supply noise rejection
  • Low self-generated noise
  • Programmable operational frequency across a wide range of 2-36 MHZ
  • capable of safely driving 100mW crystals
  • Overtone operation for >30MHz application
  • Bypass mode for test and single-ended operation
  • Differential Receive mode for external oscillator-driven inputs
  • Complete HBM and CDM ESD protection

SSTL001 and CKDF001: 408 Mbps SSTL2 I/O buffer and differential clock driver

  • TSMC 130nm, other processes and foundries as needed
  • 2.5V I/O Vdd, 1.2V Core Vdd

SSTL001 I/O Buffer

  • 408Mbps data rate
  • Low duty cycle distortion
  • Low data-dependent jitter
  • Improved drive strength
  • Termination resistors optional for potential system cost savings
  • Equivalent area of TSMC PSSTL22X cell

CKDF001 Differential Clock Driver

  • All improvements of the GRTSSTL001 cell
  • 204 MHz operation
  • Integrated phase splitter for ASIC single-ended clock compatibility and 408 Mbps performance
  • Low sensitivity to common mode noise and general interference
  • Tight duty cycle