Greyrock Technology engages with customers at various business levels, from work-for-hire through intellectual property development and licensing. We have experience with Cadence Toools and other major analog design tools.

Primary areas of design and consulting include:

  • Analog and mixed-signal circuit design
  • Analog and mixed-signal circuit layout
  • application engineering of analog or FPGA products
  • Board design with analog content
  • Experience in developing products in many industries

Examples of our design experience and intellectual property:

  • Data conversion and signal processing
    • Analog Front Ends (AFE)
    • Appropriate ADC and DAC architectures
    • Process/Temperature/Voltage tolerant design
  • Transceiver/PHY
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • USB-1 & 2, IEEE-1394 (aka Firewire)
    • PCI-Express, HyperTransport
    • Serial ATA 1 & 2, Serial Attached SCSI, Fibre Channel
    • XAUI, SFI and SPI, LVDS
  • High-speed memory interfacing
    • MDDR
  • Low Power Product development
    • Subthreshold General Analog Development
    • Low-Power Clocking
    • Low-Power Data Conversin
  • Power management, Clock distribution and System supervision
    • Voltage sense and sequencing
    • PLL, jitter management
    • Clock and data recovery
    • Temperature and Environmental sensing and response
  • Precision electro-mechanical control
    • Storage peripheral spindle motor power driver and speed control
    • Multi-channel servo micro-positioning
    • Power management