Greyrock Technology engages with customers at various business levels, from work-for-hire through intellectual property development and licensing. We use the latest Cadence design tool flow end to end, but also have professional experience with most major analog and digital design tools.

We've worked with each of the major semiconductor foundries, recently taking designs to production in 180nm and 130nm CMOS processes. Our experience includes designing successfully with and without precision analog and/or power process modules.

Primary areas of design and consulting include:

  • Analog and mixed-signal circuit design
  • Analog and mixed-signal circuit layout
  • application engineering of analog or FPGA products
  • Board design with significant analog content
  • Experience in industrial, automotive or medical electronics product development

Examples of our design experience and intellectual property:

  • Data conversion and signal processing
    • Analog Front Ends (AFE)
    • Appropriate ADC and DAC architectures
    • Process/Temperature/Voltage tolerant design
  • Transceiver/PHY
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • USB-1 & 2, IEEE-1394 (aka Firewire)
    • PCI-Express, HyperTransport
    • Serial ATA 1 & 2, Serial Attached SCSI, Fibre Channel
    • XAUI, SFI and SPI, LVDS
  • High-speed memory interfacing
    • MDDR
  • Power management, Clock distribution and System supervision
    • Voltage sense and sequencing
    • PLL, jitter management
    • Clock and data recovery
    • Temperature and Environmental sensing and response
  • Precision electro-mechanical control
    • Storage peripheral spindle motor power driver and speed control
    • Multi-channel servo micro-positioning
    • Power management