Development Process

At Greyrock Technology, we come from a heritage of using structured product development processes to set goals and expectations and deliver value. We've also learned to plan up front for the downstream needs for manufacturing testing, system application and customer support. We don't just design circuits, we develop solutions that work for everyone in the value chain. Our discipline for this process is tangible and a component of our success.

The Greyrock Technology design services process flow:

Phase Inputs Tasks Outputs and Deliverables
Product Definition
Determine the desired experiences of the customers' of this product.
  • Market need
  • Competitive solutions
  • Define features
  • Functional requirements
  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Delivery channel
  • Schedule
  • Market validation
  • Comprehensive product requirements
Functional Spec & Plan
Define what product features and functions are required to deliver the experience and a devlopment plan to achieve these goals.
  • Comprehensive requirements
  • Industry standards
  • Detailed performance specification
  • Resource estimation and identification
  • Functional specification
  • Resource plan
  • Schedule
  • Prioritization
Consider various ways the product can be built to meet objectives and be manufacturable.
  • Functional spec and plans
  • Design knowledge
  • Technology choices
  • Develop performance judgement criteria
  • Identify critical circuits
  • Develop governing equations
  • Characterization, manufacturing test and debug options
  • Develop and evaluate candidate architectures
  • Architectural choice
  • Contingencies to assumptions
Design the product utilizing key processes and methods to ensure first pass working prototypes
  • Architecture
  • Silicon models, design rules, device characterization
  • Packaging and Circuit Board characteristics
  • Circuit design and evaluation
  • Circuit design refinements
  • Verification to specification
  • Physical implementation
  • Characterization and Test strategy
  • Circuit schematics
  • Chip-level integration specification and supporting CAD files
  • Characterization and Test specification, support files
Verification (pre-silicon)
Simulate the desgin in the higher-level system and ensure it works before building it
  • Chip-level characteristics
  • Functional specification
  • Simulations
  • Evaluation against functional requirements
  • Performance margin
  • Risk assessment and contingencies
  • Characterization and test plan
Validation (samples)
Test the manufactured design against all requirements, get customer feedback
  • Chips in evaluation platform
  • Characterization and test plan
  • Evaluate performance in system against requirements
  • Characterize performance across expected variances
  • Confirm margin, testability and reliability
  • Documented performance
  • Confirm manufacturability
  • Beta user testing
Help our customer and our customers' customers use this product
  • Demonstration platform
  • Evidence of performance and fitness for use
  • Develop material for application and support
  • Technical training
  • Customer training
  • Datasheets and application notes
  • Evaluation platform